Saturday, July 6, 2019

90% done on the roof

We are finally almost landing, after the metal sheet reparation, with the painting of the roof project.
Of course, not everything can always go smooth, but at this point in time we seldom expect that of any house project we start.

Hopefully in August the final touches will be handled to complete the operation. This means some base color for the balcony windows metal, some extra layer on a gutter which had been painted of the wrong color and some finishing where scratches and marks have been left.
Sadly, not everything will be patched (like a scratch on one of the windows that I have renovated few years ago) as of course we enter a dispute with the contractor and we know how these discussions go.
Pity that I had just asked to be on the lift to fix it myself, rather than go through the uncomfortable tunnel in the roof on Oscar's room.

We are back in washing the roof for preparing the painting
Also as a surprise, our contractor came in company of other coworkers, which we had told him clearly it was not our wish. We have had a deal with him and we wanted him to pursue our job.
Of course he wanted to get it done, so he didn't care about that and I must admit, of the three, he was definitely the best one in painting. 
So now the result is uneven to expert eyes as mine have grown to be.

Spectacular with the high pressure water
This contractor has turned to be quite tricky with the terms of the contract and we have had already quite juicy and long mail discussions about charging the trip to Stockholm to pick up a special high pressure water machine, which was nowhere to be mentioned in the contract.
For not mentioning that some parts (like gutters) are above the roof foot and instead he had been not included them (despite us pinpointing them in the color schema we had done).

One of the windows shade has the right color
One day they didn't come because it was too warm to paint. The last day they painted it was the warmest of them all and, despite the temperature, they were there painting.
I guess all the rules are changed depending on the convenience.
Of course it is hard to check carefully the quality of the painting from the ground. But in some cases I managed to have a quick inspection and I will demand a final inspection before we let him go. 

First layer. Not exactly a masterpiece. Too thick and too sloppy in certain points.
After some remark, I saw him doing some adjustments but well, again, it is simply not easy to check everything without being there close by. 
The most impressive change of them all is the tower. We really believe this is the most appropriate shade for it according to the pictures and the findings. 
The tower is being painted.

There, now it looks more genuine with this dark shade of green
I am eager to close this chapter as this has turned out slightly more sour than I would have wished.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Just been painting

The last couple of weeks I have been painting a lot.
Possibly to compensate what I haven't painted (and should) in the past months.
Anyway, the focus has been the gutters & co, using of course linseed paint. I must confess that this was quite fast when done in the basement and satisfactory considering the decent result.
It looks like an armor
 A good amount of parts to try to make sense of

What to paint, gutters, some of the roof metal work and downpipes
As usual we complicated a bit our lives, but in this sense we needed to have the same colors as the house also on the pool house (well, need. I am not sure anyone will check, but I think it makes sense to have some coherence).

We chose "Aluzink" as metal this time, to try it out, because generally cheap and because it should be also rust resistant on its own.
So, for our case it actually fixed some of the problems we had.

Painting is ongoing
I really like the finish look

Just get done one after another..

This roof foot became a little bit too thick, but as it is under the tiles it is not as important.

And as often, the white is not actually easy at all. I am going to need many layers!
It took me a while to get this "done", as once mounted of course there were some scratches and I hadn't painted with a layer everything, because I thought it was not going to be used, plus, everything occurred much faster than I have planned for...(again the contractors timeplan didn't match mine and that was not really communicated so that I could speed up the drying of my painting...)

Now, there, everything is mounted. I just need to paint a lot!
Again painting in white has been quite time consuming, as it didn't really cover properly (in reality I need to retouch some green part because I have been a bit sloppy.

There, we are getting close to the final result.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

An updated tower

When the work for painting the metal on the roof started last year, casually, some "older" metal suffered of the powerful washing that was performed. Well, in theory that is just a mere coincidence, but we are rather convinced that the reason why some serious holes appeared was surely not just because it was time...

Nevertheless, since our idea was to have metal sheets in titan (rheinzink), we agreed with the plater that we would have to wait this spring to have the work done, once because of course they were occupied but also because the rheinzink can be worked only when the temperature is over 10 degrees.

The metal was patched by the roof painter for surviving the winter. 
We booked so that they'd come in June and so they did. They remove most of the old metal and while I confirmed that they were going to use rheinzink, they stated that they were going to use, to my total surprise, galvanized metal.
Galvanized metal is not to be recommended to be used anymore, the roof experts say, as the passivation layer make the surface too perfect for being painted.
But this is nothing strange with the contractors. You agree on one thing and it turned out to be what they want.
"Cultural" metal sheets
Before having something we really don't want, I managed to suggest to use "cultural" metal sheets, which is metal sheet that has a prepainted layer at production. 
Luckily, not only they agreed with this and they had the material in their shed, so that is what it should be.

The point of the tower, between the roof and it, where the metal needed to be changed
Eventually, everything was done and the work concluded.
So, now the roof should last with this patch even longer (I wonder why the first roof company didn't fix it).
The metal patched seen from above.

The rods are up

Summer is here and thanks to some weeks of holidays, there are some progresses in some of them many projects that we start (and barely finish).
Let's give an update about what's happening with the curtain rods in the "red room" (also known as piano or tv room).

We are at the point where the rods are up, I have oiled them and we need to:
1) choose the curtain textile
2) buy all the accessories (rings, tie-backs, ...)
3) have the blacksmith coming here and cut the curved rod, since it is too long
4) fix the wall, as it got scratched (typical...) when the rod was put up

Curved rod, left side

Curved rod, right side
Once all is done, we will also add the quite beautiful knobs.

The knobs at the forge
The wall fasteners became pretty good at the end, but there is a little long history behind them.
The idea was to have some "jugend" inspired design. Something was defined during last summer, but that got lost in time and space.
I spent a quite rushed hour with the blacksmith trying to find something feasible and trying to remember how it was supposed to look, but that didn't work out exactly smoothly.
We came up with an idea, but that was not approved as it was too messy to have done in such a small piece.

A first attempt for the wall fasteners
Considering the space limitations, our blacksmith had to use a bit of creativity and make more trials, before, after a ping pong of pictures on Whatsapp, we gave our approval.
How shall we do this??

There, this should work! And in fact, it did!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

On the way to some curtains

We have an infinite amount of projects and, even though we have been living in the house for 7 years, in a sense, it feels like we have been just moved in.
We lack curtains, carpets, some things are still in a very temporary state.

One of the things that are crucial though are the curtains, not only for the sound, but of course mostly for the light. When the spring come, the longest days can be unforgiving.

The focus has been now the tv/piano room, as it has been impossible to play the piano when the sun has been hitting the room.

Where one of the curtain rods will be. Some of the supports have been already mounted. 
As the room has a circular form, due to the tower, we can't go for an ordinary solution and when thinking if we should have wood or metal, we went for a metal solution. 
The same kind of style will be applied to the curtain on the other window in the room.

The curtain rod
Our blacksmith, after few reminders, started to work on the curtain rod, which has to have the right shape. Sadly, it is not yet perfectly following the wall, so we will have to do some adjustements next time the blacksmith is home.

Support for the rod and end of it
There were a lot of discussions about the design of certain details. I thought we had been clear on it during the autumn, but everything couldn't be found, so we had to start from scratch and even though I wanted some other more "jugend" shape, that was the best we could agree upon.

Given the design of the curtain rod, we need to look into the curtains per se'.
And here we have some ideas that are not completely fixed yet.
Possibly 2-3 linen quite plain, as central curtains and then some drapery on the side, with the right kind of textile.
We thought of having something on green, to be a good match with the red of the wall. And from the initial idea, I am more convince that it should look as jugendish as possible, so the samples I have got I think will be discarded.
But I am volitile some things might change.
The first samples for the curtains
Apart putting up the curtain rod to get help in the shape, and decide the textile quality and style, I have also to find something to old the drapery together and rings to have the curtains on.
For the first, I might be asking the blacksmith as well...

Friday, May 3, 2019

We did it!

It took few weeks and we have finally made a room in the basement look decent considering circumstances (with the tiles we have and the little furniture we have and what we have to do in the basement, I guess we can't do better than this).

The room is actually finally clean and offer good surfaces for painting
The main problem with this is that the actually "ordering" of things have been pretty limited. Mostly of the chaos has just been diligently been moved by someone (guess who...) into another room that now will have to be completely sorted out/cleaned/fixed/whatever.
That is, this is just a partial achievement close almost to an illusion!
Shelves for the paint and a table where to store the things I need to work on

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Things happens at times

It feels as we should celebrate since in the last weeks there are some of our projects that have made great step forwards.
First of all, I have finally completed the work on the attic window and I have put it back in its place after almost 2 years.
This is absolutely great as I can feel much more comfortable when it rains/there is wind/anything else. Finally, we have back a window there!

Bellevue got its window back
Of course, meeting relatives to the Pehrsson family boosted the historical investigation part and we have got also additional information. The textile that was weaved by Ellen Pehrsson for the stairs is long 4.4 meters and wide 95 cm.

The textile that was placed along the stairs
Additionally, I have actually carried forward the "torkvinda" (the outdoor dryer) project, by starting to oil it and paint it with the first layer. 
We have "just" to mount it somewhere in the garden and after that I have to give the final paint layers.
Oiled pieces

And this period is always signed with the "gardening" struggle (the garden is awakening and I simply don't manage to follow it up) and an illusion that there would be some spring cleaning. But of course, April means Easter and Isabella's birthday. The weather this year was great and we prepared a little jugend corner for our adult guests.
Coffee in the garden