Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Another piece of Allan's furniture

Mattias took advantage of a day of vabbing (taking care of Oscar being home sick) for continuining his task of reviving the furniture he saved from Allan's house.
This time it is a different kind of cupboard, which in swedish is called linneskåp. I guess it was mostly used for storing sheets or kitchen related textiles.

As always my pictures are not as pretty as the ones from other blogs, also because I took them at night and sadly, in the room where the piece is placed there is barely light. The flash of the phone camera did quite a bad job...

The linneskåp
As most of Allan's furniture there is a strong jugend footprint in it, with the typical apple motif on it (which we have in few sideboards, chairs, etc.)

Mattias did clean up the whole cupboard and repair the ironwork
Now, the cupboard has been in the "black room" for several months. We really don't have a place for it but I thought it could be placed in the tower room, which one day will become a playroom for the kids. Problem is we have to carry it up. We are searching for volunteers :D

Sunday, February 10, 2019

In Jugend style

There has been some progress done with Allan's furniture (what we have saved here), but it is now few months that things have put on ice.
We have still few pieces that are in need of help and some of them are a bit on the way.
Nevertheless, what Mattias have managed to take of so far has certainly a patina, but also quite some charm.
In these months I have indulged myself in online auctions and Tradera (the local ebay) auctions as well, always with the mindset to enrich our home with Jugend details. This is going to be a very long operation but I hope that at least that everything is getting better without ending in an unpleasant excess of useless things.
Now, this is some of the new pieces (or Allan's pieces)

1) A big drawer. Probably ideal to have in a bedroom, but as our bedrooms are crammed with furniture already, this one ended up in the entrance to store hats and gloves (I guess it will be rather empty during summer time).
Few new things in the entrance. A drawer, a stool, the radio and a candlestick
2) An old radio. We have no idea if it works or not, but it is just very beatiful. A bit more art deco than jugend, but still nice. Right now it is over the drawer, but I think a more suitable place needs to be found
All available radio stations

3) A stool and a candlestick. Those are things that I have bought through auctions.

The candlestick. A a drawing of Stortorget in Malmö with the pharmacy "Flakta Örn"
 The stool is in reality a piano stool, but I thought it worked great here as it is the place where we and our guests take off jackets and shoes. The candlestick was just plain beautiful.

The stool, it has the same "decor" as the built-in couch that we have under the stairs
4) At Erikshjälpen here in Åkarp I bought instead the Malmö drawing. I decided to buy it because there was the pharmacy "Flakta Örn" in a corner. The pharmacy was the working place for the pharmacist Anders Nilsson who lived in Bellevue 1914-1919.

All together.
5) The big glass cabinet. This turned out to be an incredible piece of furniture. I haven't yet filled it in with books and other things, but I am getting there. It maybe is a bit suffocated behind the Samsas, but I really can't figure out a better placement.
The glass cabinet

The painting need to be lifted up and centered again. And surely we need to find a better placement for the things on top. Note Pico sleeping on the IKEA couch on the right
6) A nice little local detail in term of a small soap plate (I guess) from "Svenska kalkförsäljnings" in Malmö. There were two on sale on Tradera and I managed to get the one that unfortunately had some minor defects. Still, I love the super perfect jugend line
Jugend in a nutshell in this small plate
7) Finally, Oscar has been longing to have a desk in his room since this summer. Isabella has one, so why not him as well? Luckily, among the furniture from Allan there was a desk which has also the same style as Isabella's. 
He was then super happy to get it in his room, which is slowly getting to something more "harmonic" and a bit less temporary. Still, there is space for improvement, but I think the bases are now defined.

The desk with the Jetson armchair where we sit when Oscar is falling asleep

It is a bit tiny space compared to other bedrooms, but this was the maid's room (we think) afterall

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Some Byggfabriken shopping

One of my favourite shops is of course Byggfabriken. It has almost everything that a modern "byggnadsvårdare" needs, plus the atmosphere of a bit old style shop. Anyway, every now and then we need (casually?) to go and buy some small things for the house. From paint, to other accessories.
Last time it was Mattias' turn to indulge himself into spoiling the house with nice stuff...
This is what he came back with:
1) A porcelain insulator: to have in the cords of the wall lamps that are placed around the piano. They don't really have a *real* function as the cord is already perfetly insulated, but let's say for the sake of how things were done in the past....
The porcelain insulator

How it should be placed, more and less....
2) Some flax insulation (linisolering) to put in the gaps between the floor planks in the "Red room" (the piano and tv room). This room doesn't have a warm basement room under it, so there is a icey draft coming up if you try to feel closely.

The isolation keeps coming up
As we are not expert in this, we are probably doing something wrong, as even though we are squeezing the flax down, it just doesn't want to stick too much.
Maybe this was not exactly the right product for the purpose?
The flax insulation
3) Finally, a chain for a ventilation shaft in the guestroom (now, Mattias' room). In reality we had decided to not get one because it didn't look possible to fix one chain on the ventilation shaft without asking our blacksmith for support. 
But Mattias forgot all about this and bought it anyway and... surprise surprise, he even put it up without any problem!

It is a detail, but it is nice to have a decent chain to open the shaft

Detail of the ventilation shaft. It says "Patent Örnen"

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Wooden creativity

Sometimes things happen at the most unplanned time.
We came back from our Italian Christmas holidays, ready to go to Kalmar and in the short break home, Mattias, with the help of Oscar and a minor assistance of Isabella, put together a structure for letting firewood dry in the basement.

This was very much needed, as in our six years in Bellevue, we have accumulated plenty of firewood (and still, there is plenty to come) and just storing wet logs on the floor is not the best idea ever.
The good with Mattias' invention is that he used some apple storage boxes/frames which we never managed to use to store apples. 
Well done, I'd say!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

When a cord matters

In our home lamps and candles are very important. The house is big, with big areas and when the winter darkness reigns, having small sources of light make the environment warmer and cozier, of course.

I believed that I did put up this lamp already on the blog, but obviously that happened just in reality.
This summer I put down the lamp, bought at Erikshjälpen, hoping that it is at least resembly in the stile some jugend window lamp, because when we bought it it was connected with a dreadful white plastic cord.
We also managed to misunderstand each other, so it got cut pretty short and it hanged horribly on the window.
The lamp is shining at the window
I went and bought a more "old fashioned" looking electrical cord at Byggfabriken and finally, after several months and a bit of reminders and nagging, it was fixed by the local electrician (Mattias) and it got back to its place.
A close up
When doing this the base for the lamp of course broke. So, we have still some minor tasks left for completing this operation: fix an old fashioned plug and get a new socket for the lightbulb.
I accept bets on when this will be handled :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

No more "tic, tic, tic, ..."

Let's say that our kitchen would need some form of care and refreshment there and then. The oven has broken twice, then it has been the turn of one of the plates, the layout is impractical, the doors of cabinets are torn and unfresh, the floor is completely messy and so on and so forth. Though we are still holding to it, while I am dreaming of putting back the wall between the kitchen and the serveringsingång, move the "kitchen" towards the chimney as it was possibly originally and so on and so forth.
Since the only original piece of kitchen cabinets have traces of its first paint to be dark green, I have also fallen for that style, although originally I was shocked by it.

I did find a beautiful kitchen pic once on Instagram, but I can't find it anymore...
Anyone, with the head full of ideas we have not done anything towards the kitchen. But the kitchen has cried out for help almost since we moved, since the tap has barely worked properly ever.
The "good" thing is that in the past 4-5 months it had added an annoying constant dropping, in addition to some form of water pond leakage on the base of it.
I got fed up. 

Sometimes IKEA can deliver!
And today, finally, the pain is over! We got a brand new, water efficient, not ticking annoyingly, tap!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Autumn in a nutshell

This autumn has been a bit special as the weather has been fantastic till few days ago (brittsommar, to be specific). I have then taken the occasion to work a little bit extra outside, apart that there is the usual extra pile of stuff to do, also because it has been very beautiful to be out.

A bit earlier than usual this year (just before the end of August), I started the apple harvest. As usual it is a mess. The apples are ready in different times on the trees, I don't manage to store them, most rotten and few get saved in some emergency apple mousse, apple pie, kids eating them randomly....
The worse occurs for the ones that are picked up during the early September.
The later types have better chances to survive, but possibly because of the warmer weather, they have fallen in huge quantity and most of them have got damanged and have had problems to not rotten while waiting to be delivered to Sövde Musteri.

One of the first batches of apples
We have now brought there about 560kgs of apples, but we still have more. The amount that has been thrown is probably the same. It would be great to have the possibility to do one own must here, so possibly we would save the time of driving (though, we would have to spend an ocean of time making the must, handling the rests and fixing bottles?!)

I managed also to made some small progresses on the poolhouse frames.
Sadly, still a long way to go and I am not sure I am willing to paint in the cold as I have done some other year. 
I have just painted the frame
It took some time extra as the frames were already a bit damaged and I tried to made a decent ground work, for once.
Let's see if I have done a decent job next year...

One layer more to go for having this finished
This spring, with the help of the kids, I planted some tuber that would bloom in the late summer/early autumn. Around the pool there is plenty of potential, but unfortunately, planting those and few other plants, didn't help out as ground elder took over and with it, a lot of other annoying weeds.
I have started to clean up a bit the area and by going to different plants nursery (thanks also to a nice goodbye present from work) I managed to fill in the stock and fix some parts of that flowerbed.
The plants I bought with the present
I definitely didn't manage to finish the cleaning off (and all the stones are completely covered by weeds as well) and when doing that I couldn't even find all the flowers I had planted!? 

A beautiful old style Dahlia with amazing autumn light

Another Dahlia variation
The bee and the gladiolus
The ones that came out properly bloomed amazingly and I really enjoyed being surprised by their colors and shape. 
Sadly, now, a few days of real cold just arrived and in order to save everything up I had to take in all the tubers. With the cold also the legal time came and that means that I had really few hours of light to work on this.

Working in the dark
At the end, I ended up working with the torch of the mobile phone, trying to see what I was digging out....