Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Larsson family

Digging into all the families that have lived in Bellevue is interesting and rewarding, although, one finds a quite huge amount of details and just want to keep digging down.

Today, I met one of the descendants of Lars Larsson, who with his family lived here 1919 - 1928.
Or better, he owned the house during that time frame but lived quite shortily here.
Lars, who was a farmer rooted in Esarp, bought Bellevue 1919. They lived here until 1920, for the moving to Oscarshem in Lund.
Oscarshem, in Lund
They never came back to steadily live in Bellevue. They rented the house to different families and moved back to Esarp.
1928 they went bankrupt (or something similar) and sold both Oscarshem and Bellevue.
The house in Esarp

Lars had three sons born around the turn of the century 1900.
Nils Lorenz, Lars Erik and Knut Oskar.
The Larsson family (we presume)
 Nils, who was 20 when he moved in Bellevue, was studying at Hvilan as a farmer. He got his first car then, possibly one of the few cars in the whole of Åkarp, and that makes me believe that the garage belonging to Bellevue, was built around that time frame.
View from Hvilan around 1927. Bellevue's roof is visible behind Villa Åsa

I have discussed details about this family with different people who are grandchildren to one of the three brothers, so I have managed to collect different details.
Two brothers and the mother?

I will make it short today, for the focusing on the three brothers' families.

Lars started his career as an åbo (someone living and working the land of someone else, if I have understood right) for them becoming a proper farmer, with his own piece of land. It seems things were going fine, owning a manor in Esarp, for then buying both Bellevue and Oscarshem.
He was interested in hunting passion that he shared with one of the three sons.
Lars Larsson successfully hunting

What happened when he went bankrupt and why is still unclear.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The place for a lamp

By chance, we did buy two similar lamps, probably old kerosene electrified lamps. One of them we have put up some time ago (see this post).
Today, it was the turn of the other one.
Lamp has been put up over the alcove with Richard Björklund's painting
 It took just two years after the other one...
Original lamp on the left side, picture from 1909-1910. In the picture there must be Anna Ingemansson's father

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Adieu "cocktail bar"

When we went to the house show we did wonder what was that strange thing that was on the side of the pool. Surely, from the pictures from the real estate agent it looked fancier. There were bar chairs around it.

Interesting construction was the "cocktail bar"
We looked at each other perplexed when we understood it was an half-finished "cocktail bar", in reality just a U-shaped wall with larger form of tiles on top.

A last goodbye to the construction
After putting the roof over the pool, we have realized that the tiles are too low and on top of that, we really are tired to clean up weeds growing between them.
Behind the bar wall, it started to grow like a jungle...
View from inside

Details over the beauty
So, we would like to redo the area and instead of having the bar, something that would be more usable for us (afterall, we basically don't drink!). A changing room, a small toilet, an outdoor shower. Now, we are still working in finding some building company to work on it, but in the meanwhile, Mattias has taken the occasion to demolish the cocktail bar. For his own pleasure.

Mattias at work
Heavy work, but satisfactory, it seems. Hopefully we will manage to do something nice(r) out of it.

To demolish is hard work

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Anything we do just take some time. Putting up some curtains in our veranda has been a two years old project (and there is still one little detail that needs to be fixed).
I have realized that nothing standardized could be fixed, so we had to involve a blacksmith and a seamstress.

At the forge
Based on some picture I did find on the net, I went to the blacksmith (http://ferrumkonstsmide.se/) and asked to prepare some for me. The prototype he made was very beautiful, but slightly too long. So he cut it and that became the final design of the hook. This got fixed in March 2015.
Simple, but beautiful
I then got some idea of how the curtains should look like. Since we have a reproduction of 1700 century furniture there, it'd be nice to match it with similar curtains. It is hard to identify what kind of curtains were in the house from the old pictures we have...
Based on few models I saw on the internet, I discussed with the seamstress (http://www.cherubino.se/) some ideas and she proposed a first version, which then got transformed into something else..
The first curtain is up, but it looks too modern!
The final version then got decorated by a nice stripe of lace and went up about one year ago.
This fits much better! 
The curtains come up
While the curtains were being made, we (or better Mattias) had to adjust the rods that I bought as curtains rods. In our little world that required a lot of planning: where to put the hooks, how the curtains should look like, how to make the rods fit in the corner...
Eventually we managed to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and last year (March 2016) the curtains were all up and we were happy to not being roasted by the sun during spring time.
There was still a task left to accomplish: the rods were not painted and, although that wouldn't have been the worse thing ever, I thought that having them white would fit better.

This winter I therefore took everything down. The curtains got washed and got to work on the rods.
Preparation for painting

Base paint with linseed paint

I got some professional help for the painting

This is the end result after several weeks of painting/waiting/finding the time to finish up

Finally it is time to put them up

Details, the hook, the rod, the ceiling

Setting the curtains up

A room with a view
Now, the only thing is to adjust one of the rod because there is no space for one of the knobs.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Easter time

It has been since we have moved in this house that I have embraced the more Swedish tradition to prepare the house for Easter. Not that I am hardcore with it - we bought this stuff four years ago and haven't changed much around it (Mrs Wallergårds' blog, sadly the pictures are not visible because the site where they were hosted is long gone).

So, I just want to show again (but on this blog ;-) ) some furnishing detail, although it is not about renovation or history of Bellevue.
It is just that it is nice every year to put this decoration out  just when Lent starts and everyone is alert to spot nature spring awakening.

Narcissus are typical Easter's flowers
 After all the greyness, it is indeed nice to have some color's touch.
An Easter "tree", next to the autumn lady, on a nice jugend sideboard
 The house is too big, I guess to have a turn over (I fail also during Christmas time) and I don't think that exaggerating would do any good.

Each door handle on the bottom floor has some Easter's decoration hanging

Two big hen are guarding the veranda
 It is also very hard to find typical Jugend items, so I just have a mixture of whatever I bought which doesn't make any sense in relation to the house or its age.
Small chicks are spread a bit everywhere

More on the library. Possibly hard to see
This is also part of the life at Bellevue, within the bigger works which includes buying proper furniture (still!), restoring and trying to survive the general maintenance of house and garden.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring cleaning

It is the first day of spring, but the weather doesn't look yet super promising, although it is getting better.
As every year though, I started my yearly spring cleaning which usually last until summer and never gets completed. Let's see how it will go this year...
Nevertheless, the only room that is *almost* completed is the TV room (almost because I'd like to paint the ceiling were we have some humidity stains and hope they won't appear again), which though went through a small make over.


After (2)
Basically, the main concept is to be able to sit and "listen" to whoever is playing the piano at least looking at the piano. Seems a bit better than before...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jugend mirror?

There and then I manage to do some purchase to pimp up our home. It goes slower than few years ago right now, like with everything else. But occasionally, I manage to find few minutes to spot something that would fit.

In this case, I finally managed to find a mirror that would work in our toilet. The toilet has been introduced in an indefinite year where there was originally a small wardrobe. Today, the toilet is almost immaculate from '58, when the Edlers moved in in our house.
The tiles are the same, the wc and the sink as well. I am not sure what there is behind the paper that is on the higher part of the wall. The window is original (!) (possibly not the glass). I can see behind the thick layer of plastic color some red tone on the wood. The threshold is some modern piece of wood that doesn't work at all. And sadly, there is a column with some structure wallpaper, cheap lists that hides the pipes to the bathroom upstairs, which has been built 2005. It is so badly done that they have left the list loose from the wall and there is a hole filled with some rock wool.
Nevertheless. The toilet is quite unorthodox in our jugend house. Still, in case of redoing it I would try to keep it in this state, but bring up the original color in the wood, put some nice wallpaper and fix the column...

Anyway, for now, I hope our guests will appreciate the effort to finally putting after 4 years and half a mirror there.
The mirror should come from Great Britain and it is marked to be from 1913. If it is really so or not, hard to say, still, it was a bargain and I thought it was working there anyway...
The mirror

Detail of the mirror
 And while we can finally look at our faces when we are in that toilet, we also enjoy (or at least I), the possibility to turn some candle or two in the winter darkness... also this I don't even manage to do as much as I was doing it before (where is time going?) but the light will hopefully come through the greyness so, I have to hurry lighting up candles :)

Candles shadow over the Autumn lady