Friday, November 9, 2012

B&B Villa Bellevue

At the moment, we can't offer the full service that we wish we could, but let's say that we are opening our bed&breakfast slowly ;-) So, if you wanna be our guest, these days, you will most likely end up sleeping in our guestroom.
The guestroom, with a jugend lamp from Mattias' mother's family
A queen-size bed, a wardrobe whose inner walls are painted in a lovely yellow color (...), heat and the draft from a broken balcony door. And a dangerous antique wardrobe, that if opened might fall over you.
The "evil" wardrobe (sorry for the quality of the pic)
But one can still admire some old detail of the house, which we should try to fix properly: this ventilation opening lacks a chain and should be polished from paint.

The ventilation opening, with clearly written "Patent Örnen"
Said so, this room is of course very welcoming and we are looking forward to have you as guests ;-)

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