Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bathroom extreme makeover, part 4

The first batch of screed (sv. flytspackel) did not want to collaborate at all. It just looked sad and weird. The low temperature probably was the main problem.
After attempt number 2 it looked so much better.
The Protector of the bath room realm against the evil forces of humidity: the våtrumsskiva.
It took five(!) brave men to get the iron-cast bath tube in place. 
The Eagle has landed. One of the support legs of the bath tube was almost in the way for the drain pipe.

It's hard to find right angles in an old house....

The fixture for the toilet.
THE HORROR!! TAKE IT AWAYYYYY!!!! We thought we had stated clearly that we wanted the wall tiles  placed in the old-fashioned manner (it's and old house, remember?). However, to our dismay we discovered that the tiler had started to put them in the more modern manner. Luckily, we found out in time and the tiles could be removed.

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