Thursday, December 4, 2014

Two windows renovation

After two months an half, I have finally put back two windows. Finally, considering that few weeks back, a stormy weather was putting pressure on the windows renovation progresses....
But the result makes me happy, considering that one of the contractors' comment when first up on the scaffolding was: "These windows are rotten, they need to be changed!".
Luckily, I am more stubborn than that and with a lot of stolen moments (and a lot of patience from some neighbour that got consulted on the way) the result has been different. We have saved the windows!

The bathroom window before treatment

Away with some color and the putty that spontaneously fell off

Nice details that show how well kept the window was

Who put some plastic material there to keep things together!?

The window frame after the treatment. Unfortunately, I wasn't very skilled with the putty then...
During the renovation, I hade to send the windows to some professional anyway. I can't add pieces of wood and the window sash needed to be glued together again. I surely got help with more than I wanted (considering I wanted to learn few other steps or two), but possibly the windows needed more of this than my butcher touch.

After the beauty treatment

Linseed paint shines beautifully

Painting the inner sash

Bathroom view
The first window is back!

This is how it looked when I first saw it

Also this window needed some pro to look at it

We are almost done....

Pity that it is so high up. Few people will see it! Possibly mainly the neighbours :)

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