Monday, November 16, 2015

Something is finally happening

It seems like we have been under the hood for a while, and partially it has been like this in the past half a year.
We have had many guests, we have travelled and we haven't done anything major with our house, although, we are always busy with small and medium activities and plans.
 One of such activities has been to enhance our pool with a roof. This should bring us few advantages:

  • Keep the pool warmer (and in Sweden this can be an issue, especially when the breeze over the warmed water is ice cold)
  • Keep it cleaner (and yes, our pool is smartly placed under a big tree. You can easily figure out how much chemicals we use and how much time is spent in mechanical removing crap)
  • Keep it safer (although we have two kids who have learnt their way around the pool, you never know...)
  • Keep it protected under winter (and avoid to use an enormous balloon that needs to be blown up with a very noisy machinery and that has tons of holes everywhere)
The thing is that although the purchased went relatively well, we thought it would have been feasible for us to mount it. Yes, in our perfect days made by 80 hours where the kids are not arguing/can eat by themselves/change their own diapers).

First. It arrived in a very handy format. And this happened in May.

A small truck blocked our street for some time. Our neighbour were thrilled by this.

It was very practical to get that big package out of the truck. 

Luckily, we made use of some of our guests to help us out, otherwise we would be still there. 

Finally, starting to unpack some small parts.
The different components of the pool roof came together with a tiny book: the mounting instructions. Tiny is of course a sarcastic comment. The book is almost as big as the Lord of the Ring and complex as a book about astrophysics. 
Result, after buying additional equipment that should help to "prepare" the pool area and the first items to be mounte and after spending ocean of time, removing weeds from the tiles (which anyway needed to be done, though) all the components have been lying distributed on our garden, waiting for a miracle to occur.
Or in reality, waiting for the only person we know that could help us out to be available.
Finally, our miracle - after promising he would find some time in August - appeared few weeks ago. 
And I then came to the conclusion that we really need to make sure we know what we are buying and how to mount it, because no way in the planet we would have ever fixed this by ourselves.
We do even have to build a small underground wall on which to secure the whole construction!!!!

The work has now finally started:

The first wall preparation

Let's see how much time this is going to take...:)


  1. I started reading the post expecting to finally see the roof in place, hope that will be soon the case.
    Anyway... at least I can say I was there when it was delivered to you :-DD

  2. Ah, no, we want to keep the suspence high :) Hopefully it will be done soon :)