Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Easter time

It has been since we have moved in this house that I have embraced the more Swedish tradition to prepare the house for Easter. Not that I am hardcore with it - we bought this stuff four years ago and haven't changed much around it (Mrs Wallergårds' blog, sadly the pictures are not visible because the site where they were hosted is long gone).

So, I just want to show again (but on this blog ;-) ) some furnishing detail, although it is not about renovation or history of Bellevue.
It is just that it is nice every year to put this decoration out  just when Lent starts and everyone is alert to spot nature spring awakening.

Narcissus are typical Easter's flowers
 After all the greyness, it is indeed nice to have some color's touch.
An Easter "tree", next to the autumn lady, on a nice jugend sideboard
 The house is too big, I guess to have a turn over (I fail also during Christmas time) and I don't think that exaggerating would do any good.

Each door handle on the bottom floor has some Easter's decoration hanging

Two big hen are guarding the veranda
 It is also very hard to find typical Jugend items, so I just have a mixture of whatever I bought which doesn't make any sense in relation to the house or its age.
Small chicks are spread a bit everywhere

More on the library. Possibly hard to see
This is also part of the life at Bellevue, within the bigger works which includes buying proper furniture (still!), restoring and trying to survive the general maintenance of house and garden.

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