Saturday, April 1, 2017

Adieu "cocktail bar"

When we went to the house show we did wonder what was that strange thing that was on the side of the pool. Surely, from the pictures from the real estate agent it looked fancier. There were bar chairs around it.

Interesting construction was the "cocktail bar"
We looked at each other perplexed when we understood it was an half-finished "cocktail bar", in reality just a U-shaped wall with larger form of tiles on top.

A last goodbye to the construction
After putting the roof over the pool, we have realized that the tiles are too low and on top of that, we really are tired to clean up weeds growing between them.
Behind the bar wall, it started to grow like a jungle...
View from inside

Details over the beauty
So, we would like to redo the area and instead of having the bar, something that would be more usable for us (afterall, we basically don't drink!). A changing room, a small toilet, an outdoor shower. Now, we are still working in finding some building company to work on it, but in the meanwhile, Mattias has taken the occasion to demolish the cocktail bar. For his own pleasure.

Mattias at work
Heavy work, but satisfactory, it seems. Hopefully we will manage to do something nice(r) out of it.

To demolish is hard work

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