Monday, August 28, 2017

Progresses for the pool

Eventually the pool area is coming together. And when doing that, we have also added some additional tasks to the list of minor/any kind of projects.

Despite my total reluctance to civilization (=fiber), we have at the end bent our knees and dig for that. But only because we are preparing (mentally as well) for having electric cars. If I am much 1906, at least for the cars I think moving towards something environmental friendly is necessary and I want to support that.

Digging done under a mystical light
It doesn't look pretty, but I hope it will work out
Hopefully it will look better later on, after we get an electrician to fix it
On the pool area, we have got the foundation for the house we are planning to built (when, hopefully before next spring).
The foundation
At the same time, we have tiled everything around the pool again, lifting the level up (so no more kids would squeeze themselves under a lock roof) and putting some form of flexible concrete between the tiles, to avoid a forest of weeds.

A lot of tiles and tiles to be cut have been placed again, much more beautifully, around the pool
Behind the pool, towards our neighbour, we have been gifted of an abandoned area. When I say abandoned, I really mean it. A lot of junk had been thrown there, old rotten logs, pieces of metal, rubbish...The area has also grown wildly with plants. 
We thought (although we have no plans for it yet) to give it a clean out. After all, we can't have a fancy pool area (or at least a neat one) and a jungle of whatever just on its edge.

The edge between the pool and the "forgotten" part of the garden

Cleaning out the area from a lot of everything that has grown wildly. The density of birches were the highest in the whole Åkarp ;-)
Work is still ongoing, but I hope at least this part of the job can be concluded soon. Then we will have to face the house building. How, I am not really sure yet...

Bellevue, a construction site once again

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