Saturday, July 21, 2012

Have breakfast in the kitchen!

After many years of eating breakfast standing or carrying all the world (e.g. plates and food) around to find a table, we have improved our life quality by buying a table that we have placed in the kitchen.
Our decision process was slow as always, of course, and it implied going to a couple of shops.

White, old style, not too big. These were the characteristics we had in mind and I had a quite good picture of what we were looking for when we were already at Ilva, and we came up with this table:
Right now, I am in a "second hand" period. Hence, before giving my approval for the purchase, I spent some time surfing on Blocket, first finding exactly that table (with chairs), which were however already sold (then, remove the ad from the web, lazy! ;) ) and then finding another one, without chairs.
After contacting the owner, we decided to go there and see the table and ta-da the purchase took place.
The table was used in a restaurant on the shore of Ringsjön and with it, we got also 6 very nice Äppletstolarna (apple chairs).
Breakfast time!

Detail of the Äppletstol

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