Monday, July 23, 2012

Applied scrum

Maybe this wall in our kitchen could have had also another name, considering the frustration that sometimes is floating around our heads. Frustration due to a quite big amount of tasks that we have to deal with, short deadlines, interfaces that are not alwasy very easy to deal with and also the will to actually enjoy ourselves, there and then, and take care of babies, cats, friends and family.
Summary: it doesn't feel like we are not at work!
Our scrum board
Just to strenghten this feeling, Mattias made a quite crazy, but very useful suggestion: to apply scrum or something similar to our "project".
Considering the amount of resources (us) and everything else, I built up something very simple that resemble a scrum board, we filled in an excel sheet-backlog, and, after an intense analysis + sprint planning, we started to have our daily scrum meetings during breakfast. 

The result is that we are actually having a vision (common) of what we need to do and that we finally prioritize right. It has always been too easy to just take the quick/nice/easy tasks and leave the boring/big/I have no clue where to start from one lying around to rotten. 

So, Scrum has saved us! However, I'd prefer if we could get more resources...

PS: for the ones that have no clue, Scrum is a methodology for developing software. Google it!

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