Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Airphotos of Åkarp

In my Google searches for pictures and information about our house, I have found a couple of aerial photos of Åkarp, which I thought were taken during the 60s. 
Searching searching, I managed to find the postcards on Tradera (the local Ebay) and I simply bought them, since I could easily spot out our house.

They arrived in our mailbox today!
The postcards
In reality the postcards are from the middle of the 70s. And some interesting things can be identified:
the three houses in front of our house (number 11, 13 and 15) didn't exist yet, but there was a long building there.
However, there were already new houses built on the road (number 6 and 2 are visible also). 
Most relevant, we could see that the house was having a red roof! But even though in the future there might be thoughts of fixing the roof, we will not remove the beautiful dutch tiles, that are instead green and make the house very particular :)
And even more interesting, I was convinced that the new fireplace required the construction of a new chimney (which I was not very happy about), but I can see two chimneys already in these pictures. I wonder who built it and which is the heat path in the walls. 
Here there is our house

And here again, the roof is definitely red.

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