Friday, August 24, 2012

Computers kingdom

It might sound that we have made our house incredibly high-tech, but in reality, we are quite far from that. However, in this post I will show you where our beloved and hated computers are located most of the time, where our "action" take place.
Yes, some time ago we bought one desktop each and it is just today that I have managed to sort of sort out all the items on and in them.

The two desktops
What we are aiming at is to be as un-swedish and un-trendy as we can be. There is plenty of furniture, possibly also quite old, that is sold as "shabby chic". Yes, it looks nice, very white, but we are not this conventional people and I personally believe that painting a piece of furniture that had another colour is killing the soul of it!
After some search we found one desktop each. Both of them at least look in jugend style, one is quite new though, while the other one is from the 20s or late 20s.

My desktop, a reasonably new desktop built in old style
Mattias's desktop
The funny part was carrying them home....:-)

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