Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fru Krook-Friberg and the "Tre Musketörer"

According to the sources (Emmi Bergkvist and her "Gamla Åkarp och hur det var förr" book), we and Tårtrummet have something that linked us together, more than chocolate and nice cakes. The inn "Tre Musketörer".
That inn is today the building where Tårtrummet has its place. Back in the old days, the inn was actually using the two upper floors, while a bakery was in the basement.

The inn, 2010 (source Skå
The building is from 1909 and it was built at the same time as the new station, for hosting the Lindblads cafe', at least initially, since from then to the 40s the place got several names. During the 40s, the owner was Fru Krook-Friberg ( or maybe better Kathleen Marslen-Cook-Frieberg) who named it the "Tre Musketörer" (and a nice painting of three musketeers was in the main room). She was initially living in a nearby house, when at a certain point decided to buy Villa Bellevue, our house.
So, that is the link!

Hence, my believe is that after the Ingemansson, Mrs Friberg and her family lived in our house.

The best though that I have found about this woman, or better her daughter (who is still alive) is this interesting article. Essie Frieberg (Friberg?) is now called Essie Wickström and lives in Båstad.
If only she could read this and tell us more about Villa Bellevue and Åkarp in the 40s-50s...

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