Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Story of a pool

Once upon time, there was a pool. The water was supposed to be fresh and transparent and the maintainance annoying, as every pool.
But that was not our pool. Oh, no!
The first visit of the technician unvelead already a surprise: the UV component (a device that is used for purifying water) was broken. It froze during winter!
In May, we finally decided to remove the "balloon"
With unexperience (and following the suggestions of some technician) we started  it up 
We filled up water hoping we could clean up the green stuff

We asked expert fishermans to fish leaves while vacuum cleaning with constantly breaking tools

All our attempts to clean the bottom were cursed: first a piece broken, then another. Alright, then.
We decided to try other parts of the pool, namely the "jetstream" pump.
Whops. That was funny. Water started to come out of the pump and we thought that that was not a good idea.
After that, the "apocalypse". The water started to sink to a specific level and a first inspection of the technician spotted out the lack of the draining screw of the pump.
However, that didn't fix the problem for too long...
And with no possibility to make the water circulate, neither to clean the bottom, the color started to become interesting

The water level and its "brownish" phase

Black is good and it is obvious that we have a leak
It's time to act!
Let's change technician and let's clean the pool! The water is basically radioactive, new species of insects have been developed in such pond and we don't dare to know the chemical power of this unhealthy mix.

We started to remove water and unvealed almost black corals formations

How are we going to clean this?

Worrysome details
We had to do soemething! But how to clean a pool when you have a baby that would dive any second in the evil mix?
Yes, the answer is: after she falls asleep. Hence, we started to scrub and scrub even more during nights, just before our holidays.

Doing this we broke one of the lamps (they need to have water on them...)

Mattias here is using boots. Pity he didn't continue with this good habit...
The result of such hard work! A white shining pool!
After the technician fixed the leaks, which were identified in the connections to/from the jet-stram pump, we started to fill up the water, once again (after cleaning as much as possible the bottom from the seaweed forest).

The pipes under accusation

A cleaned jet-stream interface on the pool, note that the water color is much much better!
A filled pool with a decent transparent water
Now, it was time to play with chemistry. Unfortunately, we were unlucky also in this. The pool is just cursed. No doubts!
Ph too high. Lower it. Still too high. Alcalinity too high. Can't be fixed. Lower the PH. No chlorine value. Aha.
You know what.. maybe it is the water from the well?
Ok. Before we put down the pool for the winter, we empty it once again and fill it normal water, instead.
A big amount of chlorine made the water a bit more "tasty" but very artificial

Last change of water
We are still filling up to the "winter level", we are still draining water out of the different components, we still have a big pack of dead seaweed in the water, we still need to blow the mega balloon and cover it up after adjusting the ph value once again (we guess?!)
The temperature is dropping and we still have a daughter interested in diving in "uapa" all the time (uapa being water in her language).
I guess we know what we will do this weekend, since doing it during evening is not a good thought :) (but if somebody wanna help out...)
But all is fine if it ends fine (does it make sense in English? probably not) and we are living happily ever after, wondering if next year we will manage to use this pool or what...!

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