Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A bathroom extreme makeover, final chapter

For us, it has been almost like a long saga, started the end of last spring and almost finished at the end of this winter (yes, almost because we are not yet 100%, of course ;D).
What is now missing is to buy things to decorate and not the bathroom, from the shower curtain, to a carpet etc. but otherwise, the biggest job has been finally completed.
And for us, this is an immense satisfaction, because the bathroom became exactly as we had in mind and because, despite all the obstacles we have accomplished our goal, and we have also learnt a lot.

But were where we...
The tiling is almost completed
After starting with the wrong foot, the tiling went slow but very accurate. We think the work has been done beautifully (except for two micro mistakes, one wrong decorative tile placement and a ruined tile placed on the floor).
The wall around the bathtube
An handpainted decorative tile
We are obviously very proud of the beautiful victorian tiles that we chose and the pattern made both on the floor and on the walls.
But a bathroom is not just about tiles, it is about lamps, sink, taps and accessories...
And for each element we searched a lot, trying to aim at a good compromise between cost and quality, but also it had to look in an old style.
Yes, we have a bidet!!!
The toilet and the bidet are both from Burlington. Indeed, the British can do things in old style and very well. Both items are hanging on the wall, despite the appearance.
The sink and its commode

Over the sink there is a mirror ;-)

98% of the mirror
Mirror, sink and commode are from Qvesarum and we are only disappointed that the marble surface has been delivered to us slightly "patched". Pity though that we have been so stressed and unexperienced to pay attention to this and we think now it is too late to complain...
The shower set

Detail of the shower set
We are still very amazed at the beauty of our bath-shower set. It's done in English style, but it is made in Italy by Huber
The tap
Both the taps of the bidet and the sink are made by Bugnatese. We could have gone for something more traditional, with one control for warm water and one for cold, but we choose comfort (of having the water at the right temperature without big troubles) to beauty, in this case. 

Bathroom lamp Topelius, with lamp shield Drop
Ekelund lamp with lamp shield Divine
All three lamps come from Karlskrona lampfabrik.
Double hook for towels

Ring for the towel, together with sockets, switches and  floor-heating thermostat
We do take care of details: even of the buttons for flushing the toilet!
Finally, there are a lot of small items that do take a lot of time.
We kept the same style that we have been using in the rest of the house (but this time in white) for the sockets, switches and the floor-heating thermostat. We have chosen once again the cheap and plastic line from Renova.
For all the accessories for hanging towels and put toilet paper (etc.) we have instead decided, after discarding the more expensive "byggnadsvård" selections, to go for Smedbo. In reality, the idea was to reuse what was present in the bathroom that we had dismantled, which were exactly several pieces from the line Villa from Smedbo. Unfortunately, at least for now, it was not possible to reuse them since the connective part  for the 20 years old components were not possible to be found. However, we liked the line and thought it could work once again in that bathroom and considering that it looked great after 20 years, it surely was a timeless piece!
Also choosing the buttons for flushing was not easy. Ok, the choice was limited also because the majority we could see were big, modern and giving us a very plastified sensation. The only item that did match our taste was what we bought and comes from Geberit.

And now, it is over! And maybe, next time I will take a panorama picture to give a better overview of the whole bathroom :)

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  1. Congrats.. It looks very nice the past and present comparsion pics in the same blog :-)

    Again many many congrats