Saturday, March 23, 2013

A rotten door

Among the different points that were identified during the besiktning (inspection) of the house, we had the balcony door on the first floor.
The door was clearly rotten and thanks to its state, the room that we decided to be the guestroom was quite cold and drafty.
The balcony door
We had decided to prioritize this, so that the state wouldn't degenerate under another winter season and we had already plans to have guests both in the beginning of November and in December.

Unfortunately, we never managed to get the process started before the first guest arrived and we patched the door with some towels (!!!).
We had already contacted Hellbergs snickeri though for fixing the issue: they gave us a great impression, very professional and precise and we decided to go for them in order to fix this door.

When they first came and give a look at our door they pointed out that it had already been (badly) patched probably during the 70s (if not earlier).
The patch
Basically, the original door was having the usual decoration (spegel) (in the first picture it is possible to see how it is in the inner part), however, when such a thing is placed outdoor the rain accumulates on the door and it is very common that the bottom part starts to rotten.
For avoiding this they possibly put such lovely patch, which helped in a very relative way.

They promised to fix the door and we were very happy it could be saved, but not only, they also added a fancy detail that would make sure that the door would not encounter the same issue and the detail was going to be in line with the typical style from the early 1900.
It consisted of a panel och droppnäsor (a panel with some sort of "gargoyle" which is however far from the fantastic animals usually put to divide the rain flow).
The result
The result became terrific, considering also that just one hand of paint has been given to the door (it is something we are going probably to fix in 20 years...). The door looks like new, but it has a "old look" style and hopefully, it will survive hundred years more...


  1. I hope you like the new door more than what was left of the old one :)