Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Wallergård's nostalgia (and not only)

This has been for years Mattias' dream: to get hands on a Jetson armchair.
Why this obsession? Everything is connected to the memories of his childhood, when his grandfather (from mother side) used to sit on a similar armchair and play around with his grandchildren.

We have had the luck to finally spot two of the "right color" (to match our yellow senap wall in the studio) for a decent price, on Blocket and it was nice to find out that, although a bit torn by usage, they are from the 70s and not some newly produced items.

I can now realize that this was also Pico's dream...and we had no idea!
Pico, enjoying the Jetson
Do you want to find out something more about this armchair? You can read here or here.

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