Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Finalizing some light

Surely, the attention lately is about light and lamps. 
Since we got the hang of an electrician, we managed to do some small things, that I suppose many would address as trivial. 
Among such things, we have got up some lamps we bought through some Facebook flea market. 
The lamps on the side of the fireplace are two Orrefors wall-lamps, from the 60s, designed by Carl Fagerlund.
One of the wall-lamps
The lamps on the side of the fireplace
Still looking at some Facebook flea market, I saw on sale another lamp. Same style. It was indeed connected to these ones, so I just went and buy it and, since it was too small to be placed in the dining room, it got to be hanged in the veranda, so that there would be still a connection between the three lamps.
Orrefors lamp
Can you see where the lamp is? 
And, since we were at it, we finally found out why one of our auction-bought lamps wasn't working...
No wonder!

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