Thursday, January 2, 2014

Basement stairs from another epoch

We really don't know how was the basement many years ago. We know what kind of renovation has been done by our predecessor, but we have no idea how it really looked like before him or the Svenssons. It can easily be that it was a little bit more comfortable than it looks today, after all downstairs there was the "food cellar" and also the facility for doing the laundry. Somehow as it is today.
2004: unknown work done around the basement stair
Hammering around, 2004
Patched stair, 2004

The thing is that the stairs that go down to the basement are utterly uncomfortable and quite dangerous. One has to bend for avoiding to hit his own head and must be very careful to not slip or there will be quite a fall to make, especially if you are a kid or an "old lady" ;-).
Autumn 2013, the beautiful basement stair with an unsafe fall (note: we haven't chosen the blue color for the stair and the trash you see is not there anymore)
Since we were going to have a good bunch of guests during the holidays, we felt that we wanted to secure in a ugly but robust way, the possible fall. We didn't manage to do it in time for the full invasion of guests, but few days later the work was completed.

View over the fall, now safer
The gap has been closed

Thanks to Mattias' father engineeristic tips, Mattias managed to put together a fence, hooking it to the wall thanks to a triangular wooden strip and a column that has been there since we moved.
Triangular wooden strip detail

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