Saturday, February 8, 2014

A modern fireplace in a jugend villa

Due to a bad translation, I had been searching for months the wrong item for our fireplace.
What I was searching was a spark arrestor, which in Swedish is gnistsskydd. However, until I found the right word, I was searching for a eldskärm, which seems to be an item for covering a fireplace when it is not used and it can be decorated. In fact, I was finding a lot of covers in jugend style, but in wood or textile and I was wondering how they could stand the fire...

After I identified the right item, I had issues finding a nice arrestor in Sweden. The auction sites seldom presented those and when looking at the shops we didn't see anything of our taste. It could easily be that if we would search more, we would have found some small smith selling what we wanted, but we really didn't have the time for such an hunt and we simplified our life searching some Italian website.
We found then Caminopoli, having a quite big selection and we went for one of their products in cast iron.

Considering how modern our fireplace is, I think the arrestor makes it fitting a bit better in the environment and it seems working fine with the fireplace itself. So now, we can be sure no cat will be cooked in the fire! ;-)

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