Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our coming summer/autumn project

Almost everyone asks us if we are done with all the renovation work in the house or what is coming next. Well, we surely have a big item on our todo list (which is quite huge) coming this year: we are going to renovate the roof.
Indeed, already during the house inspection it was clear that we would have had to face this issue. The tar paper looked torn for how little it was possible to check it out and the previous owner stated that the roof had been fixed by his predecessor during the 70s. In the paper left by him (Bengt Svensson, that is, to Thomas Bachrach) there is stated that the roof was redone 1976. And this is confirmed when looking at the tiles: marked 1976. Also, postcards from the 60s show a roof with brown/red tiles.
Well, after 40 years it is definitely time to have this job done. Pity is that we were very stupid and ignorant when the inspection occurred and we didn't realize the amount of work and cost this would imply.

Roof overview
Last summer, when looking around, we noticed that good part of the sheet metal on the roof is rusty. When contacting contractors they didn't think it is anything that can be saved. It must be rather changed to something new. Pity that we have tons of metal details around the house! We really don't know if there is anything in decent condition.
Detail of the "regndalen" (where the metal is like a valley)

Rusty wind protection
 When having a scaffold around the house, we are wondering if we have to take advantage of it and possibly do other fixes. If we exclude the plaster, we have the chimneys that are "falling apart" (according to the inspection) or anyway do not have rain protection. 
But I am also looking at the garret windows. I wonder when they have been renovated or even just painted last time...
One of the two chimney

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