Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The tiles

We have unfortunately no idea, with the current information, about which was the original roof of the house. Which was the color of the metal on the tower? What about the tiles? And their shape?
Still, I know by looking at the different postcards that the metal looked of a lighter color than the roof tiles (later, instead the metal looks darker). However, the only information I have that is more pragmatic is the fact that before the 70s (and the fourth owners, the Svenssons) the metal looked greenish and that the tiles looked red/light brown.

Today, the roof is still the one from 1976. This is why we have to refresh it and when doing so we had a choice to make around the colors and the tiles. We think that despite the fact that most likely the original roof tiles were not green at all, the roof has its own character with these green glazed dutch tiles and we decided to try to keep them, instead of changing to new tiles.

Then, a problem arises. Where to find such tiles? Are they still in production? We surely need some extra since a minor percentage will anyway break during the demounting from the roof.
The contractors we had talked to didn't seem to be able to find them, so I took the initiative to make a quick search.
Our tiles
On the back side it was stated "J. Kurstjens" among other things and that was the key word that allowed me to find the following: Traditec.
We started to exchange emails with them and after few of them, we got some samples of the tiles they had at the time in stock.

Comparing tiles

We came to the conclusion that they were close enough to ours (the middle one in the picture above). Being used tiles, it means that they have been exposed to weather and pollution, which has of course slightly altered the color. 

Packing tiles
Our tiles are still in Holland. They have been brushed from organic material and packed and they will wait for our "go" before being delivered to Villa Bellevue.

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