Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hidden surprises

As part of our therapy to clean out stuff that has not been removed by our predecessor and clean out buildings that we haven't had time to take care, we have now switched focus to the garage.

We are digging our way through the garage
 Everything looks normal: there are a lot of strange objects, old things possibly that has belonged to another epoch or galaxy, many spiders, some other kind of animal and also components of other items that we have been looking for allover the place. Note: we have not yet investigated what there is in the attic...
Piece of decorative eave !??!?!
 We have never been doing a proper inspection. Not even during the official one it was possible to examine the state of this building since there were too many items and the inspector just resigned.
In these two years, we have never had the opportunity to "reset" the state of the garage and actually look at its conditions.
Sadly, today we found a surprise...
What's there!?

Brilliant! An hole in the wall!
We suspect that the intention was to build a door on the back of the garage, but the project (luckily) never proceed more than by removing some bricks in the first layer of the wall...
At this point we are afraid to look into the attic of this place!

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