Thursday, August 14, 2014

The tractor got stuck

To keep high the expectations on what we have found on the garage attic, we should go back in time and tell the story of when the garden tractor got stuck.

Once upon the time, Mattias (who had by the way stated he would be the one writing this post) was finally moving the lawn. He used the tractor for doing this for being fast (and furious).
However, at a certain point we heard "scrunch" and after that the tractor didn't move, nor started anymore.

We had no idea how to identify the issue - we did a basic issues hunting but that didn't solve any problem and we thought that we had to bring it for reparation.
But how? The tractor weights quite much and the wheels didn't move of a single centimeter.

That's how we did it...

A guy with a problem and a solution. He is an engineer!

We put extra soap on the improvised ramp

Mattias pulled the tractor, while me and Isabella pushed. 
The tractor is finally up - but at the end we needed the extra hands of one of our neighbours
Luckily, the problem was not a serious one, although we wouldn't have anyway managed to fix it ourselves: the brakes were stuck!

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