Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gardening literature

Yesterday, I forgot to add to the collection a very much desired Christmas present. A couple of books which I have been asking Mattias as present since we went and visit Sofiero a couple of years ago.

The books are written by Princess Margareth of Connaught, known in Sweden as Margareta. She became interested in gardening once she got Sofiero as wedding present together with her husband, Gustav VI Adolf.

The two books. "Our garden in Sofiero"(Vår Trädgård på Sofiero) and "From the flower garden" (Från Blomsterträdgården)

Of course, these books are for future purposes, since our garden style should resemble the one of Sofiero, just in a smaller scale. I'd like to use it as inspiration when we will possibly sort out the jungle mess that our garden is today.

A page of From the flower garden

A picture describing the structure of part of Sofiero garden

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