Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Half moon dormer windows

I am probably very repetitive, but it is not like I have been working on something else (well, in the restoration sense) lately.
Yes, another two windows have been completed and they are now back in their own place.
When putting them back, I have noticed that the window frames are a bit torn, but it could have been that I have painted them in the wrong time of the year, or that the weather has not been very nice in these months. Still, they should have survived that, but I will have to paint them a bit more later on.

In particolar, one of this dormer window has gone through a major renovation, during our roof renovation. Possibly covered by 100 year old metal sheet, the status was very bad and we didn't have the chance to save it. Or better, we could have done some effort, but I don't think that the result would have been good.

The dormer window during the renovation of the tower cornices, 2005
Scraping some paint off.
A very much naked dormer window. This is what we could save, the rest of the wood was rotten.

New dormer window covered with roofing felt
Metal sheet is partially done. I am working on the window frame, which was in a very bad state.

New metal sheet on the dormer window. The window frame is painted

Feburary sunlight over a new dormer window

Oscar's room new dormer window

Three are done! 


  1. Tack Erika - när vi hittade det vi blev omedelbart förälskade, även om vi visste ingenting om hur man ta hand om ett hus, speciellt ett gammalt!

  2. Good one,I think you should do the work for roof first because when roof is completed so you can do any further work like window and sliding doors.

  3. So lovely, there's something so fairytale like about dormer windows, beautiful job!