Monday, March 23, 2015

Old wallpaper and new improvements

It has been due time after almost three years that we are here, to clean the so called "tower room". This allowed me also to go through some of the old wallpapers that we have found in the attic. There are more up there, but I leave that for the next coming weeks, when I will try to clean instead the attic.
The wallpapers age span from the 30s to few years ago. Not that I am sure about the age of all of them...

Sanderson "Hedera"
This is the oldest one, or at least, the one I know it is from the 30s. Today, reprinted in a replica (without the fancy cracked wall details and slightly modified) like this.

Unknown wallpaper
"Svenska vara nr 162"
The three wallpapers above are, I believe, from the 50-60 time frame. The first one has no information on it, while for the other two there is written "Svenska vara nr162" and "Harmonitapet". Despite this, I haven't found information on them. I think they are pretty cool, but a bit odd to think to have in a jugend house?

The 70s
The green elaborated wallpaper was instead from the 70s and it was allover the staircase room. With a nice green fitted carpet. :-)

A plain "fruity" wallpaper

A shiny green wallpaper
Was this border associated to the shiny wallpaper above?
A very modern glitter wallpaper
These are the most recent wallpapers from the previous owners.
The first one was, if I have spotted it right in some old pictures, in the kitchen before the current renovation. So, it is most likely from the 90s. 
The green one was in our studio, which was the tv room for the previous owner. I do not remember though seeing the leaf border there, but maybe that is older than I think and it is just a casualty that the green match?
Finally, the last one, was in what today is Isabella's room, which was the "study room" of the previous owner's daughter. This must be from 2011 since it is not even in the pictures that were out when the house was on sale.

A green, almost textile similar, wallpaper
Still on green tones
These last two I have no idea when they are from since they do not have any recognizable pattern in my eyes. 
However, in the first one there is written "Kalmar nya tapet", while the second one is unmarked. 

Now, I just think I will spare some bits of all the different wallpapers, but the big rolls quantity will be on the market. Hopefully, that doing like this I do not brake any byggnadsvård (building ward) rule. We have already done plenty when we first moved in in the house...

I have also finally found a place for one carpet that we got from an old couple friend of ours, which is most likely in allmoge style. 
The carpet
Maybe it is not supposed to be put like that, but I think it makes that modern armchair working better in the environment. The armchair was purchased before Oscar's birth to make the nights bearable when he was small :)

The latest entry is though a very beautiful "Strindberg style" lamp, which I found at Erikshjälpen.
The lamp has a nice "art deco" stand and nice decorations on the glass

Much better than the IKEA lamp coming from Mattias early study days...or not? :)

Mattias' beautiful lamp


  1. Perfekt plats för allmogetextilen!
    Och vilket fynd från Erikshjälpen, den har jag missat ;)

  2. Det är fördel att vara hemma under veckan. Jag kan åka dit när du jobbar ;-)