Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Edler family - part 2

Last week, after one year (what expectations are built in one year) of planning this meeting, other 2/3 of the Edler family have come back to Bellevue. In this occasion, we have met Lars and Eva Edler (with Lars' wife, Åsa), while about two years ago, we met the oldest son, Anders (read about his visit here).

As usual, during this meetings, there was so much to say and ask from both parts and in my enthusiasm, I forgot (as always) to take a picture with them.
They were kind enough to bring some pictures with them and I did managed to find some answers I had been searching.

First, it is confirmed that the roof tiles were red at the time. Considering though that the metal sheet has been green on the lower layers of paint, I still think that the tiles have been changed to the normal "red" ones at a certain point. The question is not to understand when. I suspect that since that Svenssons did a roof renovation 1976, another renovation must have been taking place during the 40s. The metal sheet though must have been kept up to the 70s, since the downpipes have still the sharp "angles" typical for the old ones.
The house front back then, red tiles and the sundial shining in a pretty flowerbed. Picture courtesy of Lars Edler
The facade looks newly painted in this picture (see the stains on the downpipe) and there is a difference in some ornament on it. The windows have been sadly changed now to a 2-glass one without mullion. The culprits are not the Svenssons has I had been thinking all along, but the Edlers! This was a shocking news, also because it is now clear that these windows have been standing on the house longer than the original ones! :-) (I still have to recover after this shock and knowing that in our dining room there was a dado as in the staircase).

The tower and the veranda. Downpipes are original, windows have been luckily kept here. Nice flowers in the flowerbed, and not a pion 100 year old as somebody told us... Picture courtesy of Lars Edler

Another side of the tower. Picture courtesy of Lars Edler
The big beech is not that big in this picture and the grass gives a different sensation to the surrounding. The dado is grey here, while today we have it white (and I don't think it should be).
I can see that the metal sheet of the cornish is very rusty and also very light green. I think at least we are doing a proper guessing on what color it should have.

The hanging birch. Our neighbour's house is not yet built and we can see the high grass behind the tree. Picture courtesy of Lars Edler
Among the amount of information we got and the anecdotes we listened to, there is also some connection with the Freebergs. Eva remembered that when they came in the house when Kathleen Cook-Freeberg was still living here (maybe during a viewing?) there was a big armor (one of those that were at Tre Musketörer) in the staircase room and the lamp hanging from the niche was very peculiar shaped as a head. What a vision that must have been!
The floor in the dining room at the time was an elaborated red linoleum floor, which got removed during the renovation done by the Edlers (thanks for this),

The small toilet near the entrance is original from their time. Eva remembered the tiles and in one pictures she shown us from the kitchen, the same tiles were covering the wall nearby the sink.
This is also a bit of information that is new, since, when talking instead with Anders Edler, the thought was that the tiling was all white and we then conclueded that the current toilet was from the 70s. Those were also the same tiles we did find under the first layer of tiles, when renovating the bathroom (that bathroom had 55 years!!!).

More small details:

  • Beautiful wallpaper was in the different rooms, typical from the time. We saw some traces of them during our first renovation before we moved in in the house. 
  • The studio was having a nice bookshelf along the wall, as we would like to have. The room was used by Karin Edler for her medical practice.
  • Lars was enjoying scaring some of his mother patients, using the "secret room" under the stairs which had an hatch under the couch!
  • Lars had Oscar's room, but moved into Isabellas later on. He built a bookshelf in one of the wardrobes and removed the door. Eva had instead the guestroom. 
  • There were Ölandstenar in the path from the gate to the kitchen door. I wonder if those are the same that are now on our outdoor "place" outside the veranda. 
  • The kitchen stairs railing was black and simple. 
  • The original tool shed had an oval window on the side, facing the street. That window we have found in the tool shed. That tool shed had a small door on the side also. There was a nice picture of that, unfortunately, I forgot to ask if I could photograph it...
  • The lower stained glass windows in the staircase room were normal window. I thought they were at least from the 40s! 
  • There was no swinging door at the time - detail that instead Anders Edler remember differently.
  • The garden did decline on the north side as it is doing on the west side.
I think this is the summary of the main details that I can remember from the visit. I got so many questions after this and I still need to process everything up. 
I suppose soon we will have to wait for the last member of the Edler's family to come here? :)

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