Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Apples, apples and more apples (and plums...)

This year we have just had abundance of all sort of fruit. First it was black and red currants, with gooseberries.
They are all frozen and await to be cooked somehow.
They had to wait, because while we were at it, we were covered by plums - that got transformed in plum jam.

The first apples and the last plums
The fruit marathon had just started. Luckily, I couldn't find any trace of hazelnuts this year, or I would still be out picking up stuff..
All apple trees, even the ones that never get sunlight or are half dead, decided to produce a quite good quantity of apples. 
Starting in august, I picked up the last few days ago. All possible free time has just been used for picking up, storing apples and throw away all the bad ones.
Everytime an apple was falling I was afraid for my life

Storing them in the basement didn't work that good

The first load to Sövde musteri
As every year, we have picked up mainly with the goal to go to Sövde musteri to bring the apples and to buy, at a reduced price, the apple juice that they produce.
The oldest apple tree
Branches full of apples
After four trips, we have finally delivered everything possible (without counting that the first two boxes of apples has become apple cream) for the sum of 1127 kg. My estimate was of about 1200 kg, so I am pretty satisfied of my guess :) 

The receipts

A small sample of what we got

Now that this task is over it feels as all of a sudden I have got a lot of free time...
I am though hoping and counting on the fact that next year it will be a very bad apple year :)

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