Saturday, October 29, 2016

From autumn to spring

Just outside our kitchen entrance, for several years, it has just been autumn. 
Our railing just kept dropping leaf after leaf, especially during the worst storms. 

Overview over the railing
Rusty details
We have lost a couple of leaves, or around 30. We had though a small jar that had fallen as well.
It was time to take action!
So, of course, we are not blacksmiths as well, hence we hired one for the job (
First he came and remove the railing to bring it to his forge. 
Naked stairs

Then, he made something very temporary to avoid to have kids enjoying jumping or falling dangerously on the stairs to the basement.

The temporary basic substitute for a railing
Finally, at this forge, he did remove all the paint, started to attach the leaves we had and produced new ones and filled up all the holes where the rust had been eating the metal.

At the forge: the work has just started
He also removed the wooden details, sanded them and oil them. Sadly, there is some little work to be done with the wooden details. One piece is missing (!?), one is not screwed, one is not mounted properly and there is some hole that I think needs some minor fixing. I will check with my master carpenter what can be done here.
The missing piece of wood
It was then time to paint it and after a protective double layer of Isotrol, he applied some linseed oil.
Ready to be mounted 
Where wild roses grow...

And now, the roses are actually blooming properly :) So, no more falling leaves but red roses in bloom!

Just mounted restored railing. Pictures of Martin Hansson 

Eternal spring at Bellevue. Picture of Martin Hansson

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