Saturday, December 24, 2016

Always something to fix

Every time we do something in the house, a part getting thousands of ideas more of what we can do, we also get some sort of side issues.
Thinking of the bookshelf, there was paint, shelves, the broken keys and now doors that do not close anymore. But without having some major situation like that, 95% of the time we commission a job, it ends up that we have some ripple effects job to fix when it should be done.

Now, our railing is getting "there". First three leaves were missing and now they are at least molten and with some anti rust layer, but they still need to be properly painted. The whole railing needs some painting touch (sadly, it has been painted too thick, so I think I'd like to deal somehow with the raisin effect that the paint got, when spring comes).
Then, the blacksmith took the initiative to take care of the wooden part of the railing, with the result that he threw away (!) one piece because in too bad shape (see this).
Piece #1 

We gave a piece to the carpenter to use as template and also that turned out to be in bad shape. He fixed them both, but one of them broke after a day (!). So, they had to come back and fix it.
It looks though as some parts of the existing wood got scraped during this operation... but how on earth is it possible?!
Piece #2

At the same time that we have had our little extra work done on the railing, we did some refreshing of the garden.
We have cleared out the compost area (which was a jungle) as well as cleaned out a good part of  the gravel area which was becoming a lawn...
Is there hope for this compost?

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