Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jugend mirror?

There and then I manage to do some purchase to pimp up our home. It goes slower than few years ago right now, like with everything else. But occasionally, I manage to find few minutes to spot something that would fit.

In this case, I finally managed to find a mirror that would work in our toilet. The toilet has been introduced in an indefinite year where there was originally a small wardrobe. Today, the toilet is almost immaculate from '58, when the Edlers moved in in our house.
The tiles are the same, the wc and the sink as well. I am not sure what there is behind the paper that is on the higher part of the wall. The window is original (!) (possibly not the glass). I can see behind the thick layer of plastic color some red tone on the wood. The threshold is some modern piece of wood that doesn't work at all. And sadly, there is a column with some structure wallpaper, cheap lists that hides the pipes to the bathroom upstairs, which has been built 2005. It is so badly done that they have left the list loose from the wall and there is a hole filled with some rock wool.
Nevertheless. The toilet is quite unorthodox in our jugend house. Still, in case of redoing it I would try to keep it in this state, but bring up the original color in the wood, put some nice wallpaper and fix the column...

Anyway, for now, I hope our guests will appreciate the effort to finally putting after 4 years and half a mirror there.
The mirror should come from Great Britain and it is marked to be from 1913. If it is really so or not, hard to say, still, it was a bargain and I thought it was working there anyway...
The mirror

Detail of the mirror
 And while we can finally look at our faces when we are in that toilet, we also enjoy (or at least I), the possibility to turn some candle or two in the winter darkness... also this I don't even manage to do as much as I was doing it before (where is time going?) but the light will hopefully come through the greyness so, I have to hurry lighting up candles :)

Candles shadow over the Autumn lady

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