Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dream plan

I write the dream plan I have in my head down here, so I can maybe see in 10 years or so how much we will end up really do and how much we will really want to do still.
If we'd had an infinite amount of time and money I would like to:

  • Isolate the attic and make it an extra guest room with a bathroom and a lot of storage place.
  • Renovate the tower room, by fixing the floor and isolate it properly. I would also like to set back the windows in the tower. I would love to remove the radiator that has been put there (which would mean removing the pipes in our bedroom), although Mattias doesn't agree at all.
  • Shorten the balcony to its original dimensions (nicer proportions with the rest of the house).
  • Remove the built-in wardrobe in the guestroom and the treetex from the wall. 
  • Put back the floor over the pine tree layer which we are using as floor today. That is not supposed to be the floor! 
  • Rebuild the ensuite bathroom. It would be nice to have it in a more classic style, better organized and following some smart rules (the floor should not lean towards the bedroom!)
  • Isolate properly the wardrobes in Isabella's and Oscar's room.
  • Put back the original windows where there are the ones from the 70s and the ones from 2005 by making an inventory of what we have in the attic.
  • Renovate some original window that we have so that they will survive other 100 years and for some create an inner-window so that the environment can be better isolated (e.g. in the attic).
  • Remove the structured wallpaper from the stairhouse and the entrance.
  • Place back the swinging door between the entrance and the stairhouse.
  • Recreate the frescos on the walls in the entrance.
  • Renovate the little toilet next to the entrance.
  • Remove the treetex from the "red room".
  • Place back the door to the veranda.
  • Remove the stone window sills and replace them with the wooden ones (but I think this will be quite an utopia since it will require a lot of mess with wooden strips - but I really don't like the stone window sill!!!!).
  • Fix the chimneys with the rain protection.
  • Write back the name "Bellevue" on both facades.
  • Renovate the kitchen.
  • Renovate the basement, by lowering the floor and removing the "krypgrund" (some unused space under the tower room which has no floor and no isolation of any kind) and make the access to it more comfortable.
  • Refresh the tool shed and the garage.
  • Remove the "cocktail bar" and build instead a changing room and a shower next to the pool.
  • Rebuild the floor around the pool so that we don't get weeds constantly and that the floor is stable!
  • Finish to paint the pool shed.
  • Reorganize the garden by removing plants we don't like and are in the way and moving back the meridian to some more visible place.
  • Recreate the white fence in front of the house.
  • Renovate the roof, as we are planning, by keeping the tiles (but this we know we will do!).
  • And....
I am crazy, am I not?

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