Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Owners list, rev.2

The information we had about who has owned our house has been definitely very limited.
We have thought that just few families had been living here since 1908, when the house was built.
But, after contacting Kathleen Cook-Frieberg's son and realizing that they were living here for only 6 years (1952 to 1958, he states), I was struck by the evidence that there must have been someone more living here after the Ingemanssons.

I finally found that, although Burlövs Kommun (the municipality of Burlövs, where Åkarp belongs) doesn't have any relevant information on the house, one can pay for searching some archives through this website.

I made a request to know all the owners of Villa Bellevue and few weeks later I got scanned copies of documents, from 1879 up to the digitalization era.
The page where it is stated that Axel Ingemansson bought the area
Owners from 1928 to 1952
It was also funny to see that I could spot who owned some of the houses that are located nearby ours!

Finally, this is Villa Bellevue owners' complete list.

  •  The mythical figure of Pehr Pehrsson (or Per Persson) owned half of Åkarp land, it seems. He has been a quite relevant figure in Åkarp history and I can see that 1879 he bought the land that includes the area  belonging to Villa Bellevue. 
  • Axel Ingemansson bought the land the 30th of December 1906. He built the house.
  • Anders Nilsson lived here from 1914. He died 1918 and his wife, Agnes, sold everything to Lars Larsson 1919.
  • Lars and Mathilda lived here just 9 years. 
  • Edvard (?) and Alma Berggren bought Villa Bellevue 1928.
  • Ellen Persson came and lived here from 1944.
  • The next Villa Bellevue lady was Kathleen Cook-Frieberg. She lived here from 1954 according to the papers.
  • Inge and Karin Edler owned it between 1958 to 1971.
  • Bengt and Britha Svensson have been the ones living the longest here. From 1971 to 2004.
  • Thomas Bachrach bought it from them and sold it to us 2012.
  • And here we are, at the bottom of the list. 
So, counting from Axel Ingemansson we are number ten on the list. It is a quite impressive list of owners and I am amazed the house is in such good shape considering. Or maybe, afterall, there are not that many original details left, but just patches and layers from everyone :)
The thing is, it has been hard enough to catch who has been living here from 1952. I don't think I will manage to get the hands on anyone before Kathleen's son, Christer. Pity, though!

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