Wednesday, April 16, 2014

IKEA's 1700 serie

During the 90s IKEA launched on the market something very unusual, considering their products: the 1700 serie. This serie is still sold, but through other brands (for example Flora LinneaMove), with some variations respect to the original items.

The different items are inspired by old Swedish furniture and reproduced as copies, but still with the same quality.
IKEA sold not only furniture, but also lamps, plates, glasses and cutlery in the same style.

For some time now, I have been drooling over the trågsoffa (a wooden couch) and few days ago, I finally saw one on Blocket. I had an image in mind of how our veranda should look like and I can say we have been very lucky that the family who was selling the cough, had also many other items of the same collection.

Our veranda finally got some furniture
 I have been looking around for other similar items, but I was definitely stuck for this specific couch. Why? Because the wooden work is so beautiful and has the same style as
the one we have on our staircase!
The couch details
The staircase banister

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