Wednesday, September 10, 2014

English red or white?

In the general chaos of these days, I am trying to perform a window restoration, for the first time in my life. At least I have managed to handle the first step in a decent way: it was just enough to remove the color!
Traces of red under the white
When removing the color, I could see that there are some traces of red under the white. Or at least, that is what I think.
In our attic there is thankfully a good collection of the original windows of the house - which is my dream to bring back in their place.
I went up to check the color of them and I have noticed a nice mixture that confuses me very much. We will never manage to choose which color our window frames should have!

Windows in the attic (and water in a box)
Some windows are white on the external frame, but brown/english red on the inside - others, viceversa.
English red for the mullions

Or maybe white???
Some window has even a special yellow glass. This is going to be a big puzzle to sort out!
And this piece, where was it!??!
We surely will not paint the outside frames green as some of our windows are painted today. The choice is between english red (which seems to be the very first color according to the first postcard) and white (that was the color on which the windows were painted probably few years later already). I suppose the inner part of the windows was having colors depending on the way the room looked like.
I have also contact some of the previous owners (Freeberg - Edler) and they confirmed the windows to be white on the outside.
They also confirmed that the roof was green or at least the metal of the roof (a postcard from 1975 shows the roof to be a normal "red" roof).
Now, we have just to find which is the "right" green for the roof and hopefully, by taking a sample on the tower, we will know that.

In the meanwhile, while everytime it rains we get somewhat water in the attic (which we didn't do before), we have got few more rotten spots that have required our attention.

Looking not so good.
A big hole is there in the wood.
It looks tragic and partially it is. The tandad fris under the piece of wood that they removed is gone!
We will have more summer (and allyearround) projects to deal with. Like some white boards to paint

Over the entrance we had a couple of rotten boards
Today they started to work over the tower and also there the situation was as in any other part of the roof which suffered of "water" stress. Rotten boards.
The view over the tower

From the attic we can see the amount of boards that they have changed and were about to change

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