Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What has happened on the roof

Last week, the work on the roof has proceeded without big troubles.
While we are trying to sort out, what kind of metal we want and what color and which one we should change and which not, new roofing felt has been applied to 3/4 of the roof and almost the same amount has a new lath.
When looking at the postcards, we have realied that the metal has two colors. This because most likely the roof at the very beginning was not green, and hence, the metal components closer to the tiles are of the same color of them. The rest was possibly of a lighter shade, green, possibly, to resemble copper.
We have hence decided to have everything in dark green, zinc green (including the tower) as also some color sample is hinting us. While, some other parts as valleys and ledge should be verdigris.

On the north side, the chimney and some pipe necessary for ventilation have been sealed with cold asphalt.

Sealing asphalt
Sealing with asphalt
 There are a lot of discussions ongoing and decisions to make right now, and not just around the metal.
One thing I am trying to understand is how the chimneys should look like. If I look at the old postcards, I can clearly see that there was a "crown" on top of each of them, which today is not existing.
We have planned to add something there, while we are also refreshing their aspect.
The north chimney. Before.

Work ongoing

The plaster is already looking better
 When going around in Åkarp, I have noticed an house from the same epoch (and style) having something on top of the chimneys. But looking now at this picture I was assailed by a thousand doubts.
We had agreed that we shoud not paint the chimneys. It doesn't bring anything to the plaster quality.
That house has them white and the postcards seem having them in the same color as the walls. Were they painted and we are missing that? Or is it just a light matter from an old postcard point of view?
Nevertheless, I wonder if what they have on the chimney is metal or something else.
Villavägen 5 in Åkarp has a structure over the chimney that resembles what Bellevue had back in the days
 Another open discussion is concerning a methodology for securing the ridge tiles, so that they won't fall off with every storm.
We have also got suggested to protect the ridge board with a seal, but we have discarded the option.
However, we have looked around and seen that all our neighbours have the tiles fixated with lime mortar.  I guess we will go for this but possibly not at this point in time. Afterall, we have enough ridge tiles for the coming autumn/winter. We hope!


  1. Wow, you have a lot going on with the construction of your roof! It's great that you do not have many issues going on besides the kind of metal and the color. The work seems to be coming along nicely. I am excited to see the end results of the roof, and see how similar it looks to the original.

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof

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