Thursday, September 4, 2014

New wood and isolation

Today it has been a quite intense day - as always recently.
This morning, I have realized that they might start to put isolation material between the two layers of wood and we had not discussed which material to use.

Ideally, I would have want something called "ekofiber" to be used. In the specific, cellulose or flax could be great materials. It seems it is really hard to get an hang of these materials (and they are possibly very expensive), but I lost 10 years of my life when I saw them coming with rockwool.
I had heard the worse stories ever about using unorganic material in an old house and that was confirmed also when reading on the web.
However, it seems that there is a good amount of free terrorism on the subject and possibly, it is not as bad as it sounds. So, after probably making a fool of myself and suggesting a version of the same material that needs to be pumped due to its consistency, we agreed that what they planned to use was ok.

The first layer of wood boards have been removed and noone more will be touched
 We had already some worse case scenario in mind. They would remove the first layer of wood and found that the damage requires to break walls and bricks. We started to sweat when thinking about our "new" bathroom.
Luckily, it seems the damage was contained and we sigh of relief. It is sad though that Isabella's room has earned a little bump probably due to the movements brought to the structure when hammering and drilling.

On the right, the new pillar and on the center the paperboard that is wet
 When looking under the wooden boards, one could see some wet paperboard. In order to avoid to keep such material, they did cut the bad piece of and put some special board material (vindpapp).
Some friends have moved near Oscar's room
 It is very interesting that inside all these constructions, we could find fairly huge wasp nests.

First window frame
In the meanwhile, I have to get a crush course in how to restorate an old window. Thanks to the help of some neighbours that have similar projects to do, I had the opportunity to learn on how to do it. Now the problem is doing it.
I have a very short timeframe every day for working on it and I have to work from the scaffolding in order to reach the window frame. Of course, I can work on the window per se inside, in the evenings/nights.
Before doing that, though, I have to wait that they will open up the metal around the frame and that we create a temporary protection to be used when the window is not there.

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