Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Painting metal sheet with linseed paint and other stories

One thing we have learnt: never paint on a roof without checking the weather forecast and never trust a guy that comes here with a normal roller when painting with linseed paint.
Why so?
Well, first, if you paint and it is not exactly the right period of the year for doing that (that is, autumn is quite well known for high humidity and probability of rain) you might get a couple of centiliters of pigments on the ground. It is almost like modern art! It is just that you don't want to see it in your house...
Not only, the result on the metal sheet is not very elegant, if by chance you are unlucky with the weather.
The normal roller is instead not the best tool to use for painting with linseed paint since you need to apply it as thin as possible. So, when they do not come with the right tools you know you are going to pay more than you should or maybe, for once, you are just going to be lucky.
I can't really say if the result was terrible due to the lack of experience on the subject or what, but surely, we decided to abort for this season the operation of painting all the metal sheet to give a more "old look" in favor of postponing to the spring.
We were very much wondering how much they were really going to wait before painting the second layer, since that would have delayed everything quite much.

A painted angle chute. The color is "green leaf" from Ottosson. 

Detail of the painted metal sheet after a couple of days of rain. It is now though looking better once dry but still...

New metal sheet has been placed to substitute old one that was too rusty to be reused. The list includes also the ståndskiva on the back of the two facades.

A new ståndskiva

When looking at the new metal sheet, we are happy we are planning to paint it, since it really does look weird in our eyes. Bombastic, maybe?
The northern chimney has also got a new base, which unfortunately, due to some miscommunication between the two contractors involved, has lot the "ladder" decoration on the sides.

A working tinsmith 

While the tinsmith is operating on the metal sheet, the carpenters are setting back the tiles. This is quite a puzzle and they have to do a lot of adjustment to the tiles.

The north side of the roof 
The east side of the roof, with tiles ready to be placed back
One of the most complex piece of metal sheet we have, were on the dormer windows. Initially, we had no planned to change the metal sheet, since it looked reasonably new. Unfortunately, rotten wood was found underneath, so we were forced to remove it.
I have then concluded after some reflection, that they looked newer than they were: they were probably from the 70s and their style was not exactly "beautiful". The details were infact quite rough and we can see that now that we have started to get the new ones in place.

The left dormer window is made of new metal sheet
Let's compare with how the old ones were looking: it is hard to see, but the new ones are more accurate!
We have now started to discuss the chimneys crown and we will hopefully see soon a prototype, while today we were a bit scared of the base of the southern chimney, which looked a bit too much as a spaceship.
Mattias nowadays can't resist the temptation to look at every chimney he sees, especially when driving (...).

It is now not that much left to the completion of this job. Unfortunately, the windows are proceeding slow, but there are progresses.
And for sure, we have the best inspectors on our side!

Pico is inspecting the roof

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