Friday, October 10, 2014

The first sheet metal

What has given us most headache with the roof has finally landed in our garden and partially on the roof: the sheet metal. The tiles are being placed slowly back on the roof and at the same time, pieces of sheet metal shall be placed where we removed the old and rusty one. The new metal, after a long excruciating work, has been decided to be coated. I hope Mattias will one day write how we have come to this conclusion. However, it looks absolutely plastic and completely out of place in our old style roof. And, since we knew it was going to look like this, we will be painting it with linseed paint.
New coated sheet meta in our garden
The truth is though that it seems noone has ever painted this kind of sheet metal with this kind of paint, and I am having quite some doubt about the company that has to do the job, since they do not seem to have an enormous experience with linseed painting...sadly enough!
Of course, this is our mistaked in the choice of who should do the job, but let's say that there were not that many options available at the time and that we documented ourselves on sheet metal a bit too late.

Placing a new ränndal

On top of these uncertainties, we have also the weather factor. This is definitely not the right time of the year to paint with linseed paint, which is known to take forever to dry in normal weather conditions. Think with the humidity that we have here during the autumn!

Plastic look is not fantastic for us!
Another reason why we want to paint the sheet metal is that the green is wrong! It should be darker as we have understood by looking at the postcards, but also at the old sheet metal, there is a dark green emerging from the verdegris color.

A very ancient piece of sheet metal, on the waterboard, covered possibly during the end of the 70s with a nice coated sheet metal. It is possible to see the old color. A new piece of ränndalen is visible ont he right.
In these days, I have also finally learnt how to climb on the top of the scaffolding and hence, got the opportunity to look at the last half moon window, that is on the attic.

The attic half moon window

The sheet metal is of the "70s" kind, which means that under that coated layer there is the original one, probably in a terrible state. The window could have been living a better life. I have now started to work on it and just given it to some carpetner to fix a missing piece of wood.
I have also started to scrape the wooden beams that are under some part of the roof. It is the beams that let us discover that the original facade color was pale yellow.

Wooden beams. On the left the new one, on the right the two old ones.
And yes, after visiting Ottosson's too many times in the past week, we have finally decided that...

Our house colors

the windows will be again painted in red. Red ochre.

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