Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's cleaning time

Things have gone a bit weird with our roof.
We, as customer, have shown to have a lot of ideas popping up after the work has started. Possibly, this is not an ideal situation since it makes whatever plan that has been done not very easy to follow.
In reality though, it was also the plan from the start to be flexible and see really how the roof is once the scaffolding would make us reach all the corners of the house.

While waiting for us to make a detailed plan and final decisions on what kind of metal to use and how to have it and what to change, what to paint and what not, our contractors has spent some time removing a thick layer of moss from the north side tiles.

A tiles bath
 Not the most effective work. Possibly not even the funniest one. But brushing away the moss is necessary for the beauty of the tiles and also their longevity.

A beauty salon for tiles
We decided to skip the east side tiles, which according to the contractors were in a bad state as well, to keep the costs down.
I guess we will have to enjoy brushing the tiles in another life time...

We are now waiting for the metal work to start, so that the tiles can be put back on the roof.


  1. Well, it can be difficult to decide what kind of metal, paint and design to choose for your roof when there are a lot of choices. Anyway, I think it’s a good idea to clean up the tiles, while you scheme for a new strategy. I think the ambiance of your entire house will change a bit once the newly cleaned roof is up. Thank you for sharing your experience, Arianna! I wish you all the best!

    Blanca Douglas @ SafeClean Ealing

  2. Cleaning up the tiles is sometimes very necessary. We have been unfortunately a bit unlucky. If we exclude the fact that the work became very expensive and hence we had to limit it to a bunch of tiles, the company we hired managed to make good part of the tiles on the south side (the front ;-)) dirty. They are now covered with a thin layer of black powder (soil and roofing felt powder, I suppose) which they didn't care of remove (and we couldn't see until the tiles were up on the roof). I suppose in the coming future we will have to fix this somewhat ourselves. Thank you for reading!

  3. Yikes! The tiles should all be cleaned not just to beautify your roof, but of course to prevent further damaging it. Well, it's good to know that you're doing some procedures in orde for you to maintain the quality of your roof, though you had a hard time picking the right materials for your roof, since there are lots of choices available. I just hope you came up with the best decision. In any way, thankls for sharing that, Arianna! All the best to you!

    Courtney Morris @ Onyx Cleaning

  4. Yes, I am now aware that as part of the process of renovating the roof, the company we hired should have been cleaning the tiles. We were naive and that was not included in the contract details. I am not very satisfied of how the tiles look like. Luckily, they are of a sturdy quality so I don't think that the "dirt" will affect their durability that much, however, from an aesthetyc point of view, they are not very beautiful. I would just hope to know there is a way to clean them without having to start another big process.