Wednesday, March 9, 2016

An empty wall

What do you do when you have a lot of books (in Italy) and you notice that your floor and walls are not straightish and the wooden lists are so big that no IKEA furniture will be in place properly ever?
You take a big wall and decide that it will all become a bookshelf, handcrafted, in massive wood, personalized for the room and the house.
The wall in our studio
The idea is that our studio will host not only our desks, but also a small "library" with armchair (the Jetsons) where one can (we will when we are 70) rest and read a book.
So, this is how this project started. The bookshelf is now under production, after few years in finding the right carpenter (Lodrätt) and define all the details.
Inspiration: an handmade library painted with linseed oil paint. 
What we are after is a bookshelf where there are open shelves and some doors so that some stuff can be hidden there. 
Our bookshelf will not look exactly like this. There won't be the "wings" on the sides and it will not go up to the roof. It will follow the lines of the wooden lists from the windows frame and the lines of the floor wooden list. We will have also small decorations taken from the stairhouse wooden panel to keep the jugend style.
The jugend decoration from our staircase. Picture, Gunilla Carsten
Color test. Natural, Ottosson Linseed Oil Paint White cream, Ottosson Linseed Oil Paint Titanvit, Osmo Dekorvax Snow, Picture, Gunilla Carsten 
As color we decided to use linseed oil paint (from Ottosson) because we like better the white nuance, and of course, we like linseed oil paint.
Then, we got a lot of help (we would have been lost otherwise!) from our carpenter, to choose the right accessories that are needed in this kind of furniture.
The hinge, from Kleelux (German website)

Eschutcheon (Nyckelskylt) in Jugend style, from a German website
The slide, from Specialbeslag

The lock mechanism. From a German website

The key. From a German website

 All these details are going to be in brass.
Now, those are chosen, the wood has arrived, the color is decided. We just have to await the final result :-)

Massive wood for our bookshelf

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