Friday, April 8, 2016

Juggling with many balls at the same time

This is how I currently feel. There are - as the Swedes would say - too many balls in the air (Italians would never dream of saying something like this).

These are some of the ongoing projects right now...

  • Balcony door renovation. The door needs to be painted on the outside from green to red. So far, I have fixed (or tried to) a nasty rotten part in the most left corner of the lowest glass. The white side has been painted. Now, I am working on removing some horrible glueish synthetic putty from two glasses.

The balcony door 
Get off!!

  • Pool roof. We have finally the pool roof in place. Pity though the jetstream pump still needs to be fixed and all the tiles around the pool need to be cut and put back in place.
Work in progress on the mounting
  • Curtains in the veranda. Since every spring the veranda becomes a sauna and if we sit in the dining room, the person facing the veranda needs sunglasses to survive, we decided to finally put up some curtains. First we had to think of how to put them up. We made a blacksmith produce some hooks, then we got the design of the curtains in place (sort of, we had another design presented but we then decided to the current one). Few things still ongoing, one curtain to be adjusted, one wooden stick to put in the bottom of the curtain got lost, the rods need to be painted white (I wonder how to do it), hooks need to be adjusted and screws to be changed.

The first curtain up

  •  The chimney crown. That has been made. It has just to be delivered and mounted. Doesn't it look cool?

The chimney crown
  • And more... :-)

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