Friday, April 22, 2016

The crown

Finally the chimney got back its crown!
Villa Bellevue, 1909. The chimney on the front has some sort of crown
We have been looking at old postcards and pictures of the house and we saw that there was something on top of the most southern chimney. Exactly when it disappeared from the house, we don't know yet.

April 2015. This is our chimeny looked like just few minutes before the crown got back.
We then consultated Klingströms Plåt who showed up a template before acting upon it. 
You can read about it here.

Then, the day arrived and we got the piece home.
The chimney crown, side view. It looks a little bit shorter (especially the top part) than what we can see from the picture. 

"Inner view" of the crown. 
 After about one hour of work, the chimney got its crown back in place.

Villa Bellevue with a little crown over the chimney
It almost looks like an hat :)

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