Saturday, May 14, 2016

It's "home"

Although, its home has been in Italy until two days ago, I am finally reunited with my (baby grand)piano after 14 years.
I can't describe how it feels - not that when I was studying/playing I would have thought it would have felt like this and not that I have ever played that incredibly well either.
But every day, for many years, I was glued to the chair (not very willingly) and now I wished I would have not stopped. Because now I can't play not even the pieces that I could consider "easier" to digest.
Its new home is in the tower room
The transportation was another piece of history. From a wrong "order" (in English one says baby grand piano and not generic piano specifying the length of the tail), to pure rain when the piano went out of the house.
Of course, it arrived the only day I was away (quite far off) for the whole time.
Essie Freeberg, with her grandmother and the pianist Jack Bagner
I wonder how many of the previous owners had put the piano there. We know that a grand piano was there during the 52-58 period (when the house was owned by Kathleen Cook Freeberg).

It survived transportation quite ok. Just some bumps on a side that hopefully will be fixed without too much problems.

Now, I just need a rehabilitation course...

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