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For quite some time, if one wanted to address a letter or a postcard to somebody living in our house, they would have written "Name Surname, Bellevue, Åkarp".
Back then the houses were identified with a name, not with the street and a number.

I don't know why, but Axel Ingemansson baptised his house to Bellevue (french for beautiful view), maybe because it is a bit higher up than the rest of Åkarp and one could enjoy a nice view?
1909. Bellevue
Said this, for several decades the house name had been on the front facade, also the side facade had the name on it, but that was not from the start, from 1906. It came later, possibly around 1915.

Work is ongoing. The line has been filled in and now it is being putty
Having the house name on the facade has been one of my obsessions from almost the very beginning (I don't know why). And after got the opportunity to check the pictures from the first years of the house, we got the right font and we started the process for it.
The weather gods had been merciful to us, for once, during the work
Bellevue is now written back on the facade. Sadly, it was not an immediate thing to do (apart that we had a very talented painter who managed to get out from a picture the text and the proportions) because, possibly during the 60s, the upper windows got a decorative line in the plaster and that had to gone off again. The "filling up the line over the windows" operation turned out to be more painful than expected.

Work in progress. Picture of Maria Attström
What wonderful details!
 On top of that the scaffold had been mounted in a very peculiar way, so that Maria, our painter, could not reach the right top most corner. I improvised myself her pupil and I have probably messed up forever her work...
Putty on the plaster. The first painting attempt without it turned out to make the line too visible

It is freshly painted. Mmm. I am not very convinced of the result.
 Nevertheless, the result is amazing. The facade has gained so much with such a relatively small detail. I love to stare at it against the nice sky we can enjoy these days.

We just need to remove the scaffold

2016, Bellevue.

Bellevue, spring 2016. 

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