Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Shelves and hangers

Well, we have done few things in the spring and in the summer, but they are almost all half completed.
Among few projects, although very tiny, that finally saw completion we have two items: a coath-hanger and a shelf for the kitchen.

In our kitchen entrance, which is the entrance we use the most, we have had an hanger some time ago. Sadly, it fell miserably since it was not mounted properly on the wall and it was too heavy. The place is quite narrow, so fitting things is a bit hard, but we thought then to use the wall over the stairs to the basement which seems more sturdy than the first one.
The coat-hanger

With some luck, since the space is quite limited, I managed to buy something from the 40s that we thought it could be practical in that tiny area.
It is just on the stairs to the basement

While cleaning the attic (operation that has not yet been completed), we found an old plate rack. I wonder where does it come from.
The plate rack 

Anyway, it looked beautiful and after some adjustment, we manage to put it up for holding a dynamic collection of recipes books.
A nice detail

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