Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Too many trees

One of the biggest issues we have is the garden maintenance. For how lovely it is, already when we moved in, there were billions of plants and trees scattered everywhere needing our attention.
During the past four years we have tried to take care of sum at least, and I think slowly one can see an improvement. Considering, still, that this is absolutely not the appearance we would like to have our garden, since going back to some more of "turn of the century" garden is our objective (for when we will finally retired, I guess).

This year I decided to put some effort in cutting down trees. Few of them (about 5) with the aim of having just a little stub leftover. For about 5-6 more, it was mostly about cutting them in height.
Now, if the first operation turned out quite ok, the second at the moment is possibly aesthetically speaking, awful.
I am THE lumberjack

As most of our beloved house projects, we had a good start. Everything was done in two days. Then, some adjustments to the logs took few days more. Then all the leftovers where put on the trailer for few weeks (!?!) until our neighbor, that wanted to borrow it, was kind enough to empty it (chances are that everything could still be there...).

Finally. The trunks need to be chomped in smaller pieces, that we will have somewhere (define somewhere) to dry (for few decades, I guess...) for then becoming firewood.
Post production, or better, cutting down trees.
Two months have passed and noone has come and fix it yet!!! How is it possible :)

At the same time, while the logs are beautifully resting for better days, we have hired an arborist to cut down one of the highest trees which sadly was not in a good state.
Let's say that the green areas are getting tidier ;)
That's the tree that won't be there anymore

Up on the top!

The tree was not very stable, so I guess one need even more to be careful here

The end result!

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