Saturday, July 29, 2017

Drying clothes during summer (a tale)

We have an ocean of space outside and I find it ridiculous to dry the laundry in the tumble dry when it is sunny.
Ok, this year we have seen the sun with a binocular, but as a general rule of thumb....
The conclusion after some deep thinking is that we should of course dry outside when the weather allows it.
But I can't surely be satisfied to have in our garden some primitive (or simpler) system.

A nowadays standard dryer
So, last year, I have looked around and decided what I want, because, for how our trees are looking and are located, it would be impossible to put a cord between and let things dry there.
Therefore, I found an old fashion (surprised?) dryer.
An old fashion dryer

But, for some unknown circumstances, nothing happened last year and I started then this year to gather forces to make this happens.
So, I surfed more and more and found that there are some instructions.
Like for example this:
I made a shopping list and....
one could think that by now we had already this in place.
But sadly, we still don't have the right wood :)
We did actually by some but it was impregnated and I'd like to avoid to use that for the environment.
So, we are still at square 1 with some minor knowledge about what we need to have in place for making this happen.
To the next chapter...

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