Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sliding doors accessory

I am silent here, but it doesn't mean we are sitting on a couch watching a movie, or sitting outside enjoying the birds chirping... I doubt with my ambition I will ever sit down.
Said that, one thing that have disturbed me immensely has been one of the sliding doors. 
We have two pairs, being the two entrances to the "red room", the room where the piano and the Tv are located.
One of them had a nice, steady construction, painted white, so that the doors, when closing, hit that and stay "put".
The other one had a micro piece of wood, that after a while just gave up, fell off and the doors started to float from a side to another when moving.

So, we scraped off what was under the white paint and remove the piece of metal placed there (this we did it actually for another occasion ( I eventually went with it to my favourite blacksmith and with puppy eyes begged him to fix another one.

At the forge...(picture courtesy of Martin Hansson)
The good thing is that he was actually impressed by the piece of metal I had brought with me, and happily recreated another one.
When I went there, I actually brought him a bunch of... crap to fix. So, he managed also to fix some bookshelves holder for a jugend bookshelf we have.
Hand made bookshelf holder
I went though a couple of times back and forth with the "door stop" because the screws that I bought at Byggfabriken didn't tight the metal to the door frame and the first fix was done on the wrong side...
Adjusted so that the screws would tight it
Eventually, we got it properly done, so finally, both sliding doors can be closed properly.

Detail of the door frame

There, where the door stop is!

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